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Re: Bust'm or not?

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     I have been waiting to see responses from other, more experienced
engineers that i look to for guidance. I consider myself a young structural
engineer with much to learn from more experienced engineers so i am
disappointed in this lack of response.
      I can not overstate how proud i am to have acheived the right to use
the title structural engineer two years ago. I felt honored that three
engineers recommended i be allowed to take the test. I studied nights and
weekends and whenever i was not working for several months before the two
days of testing.I took off  work for most of a month before the test. Also, I
took the class down in Long Beach driving over an hour each way every Sat.
for months. It was a large amount of work, sacrifice, and cost. This was all
after i had ten years of experience out of school.
     I understand that having the title structural engineer does not
necessarily mean i know more than  civil engineers without the S.E. title.
     I know from the times i have called the BORPELS, that unless an engineer
or consumer complains, no action will be taken. Consumers usually don't know
the difference. I believe it is up to structural engineers to make the
complaints to BORPELS. The number is on your green wallet card.
     If non structural engineers are allowed to advertise or use the title
structural engineer, then i feel the title is belittled and an insult to all
the hard work put in by structural engineers who have taken the large amount
of time and effort to apply and pass the test.
     I would really like to hear from experienced structural engineers on
this issue. Sometimes i wonder if i'm on the right track.

     Tom Harris , SE3803
     Thousand Oaks, CA