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Re: Bust'm or not?

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>     If non structural engineers are allowed to advertise or use the title
>structural engineer, then i feel the title is belittled

First, I suggest asking yourself whether you want the guy busted out of a
sense of concern for public safety or out of wounded pride. You might also
ask youself how you would feel seeing the entire episode including your
involvement, published, say, in the L.A. Times. Have you thought of
mentioning it to the guy with a simple phone call?

I'm not trying to be snide; I've walked this walk by way of a case where a
piece of machinery designed by a hack killed an electrician working
underneath. There was also a lack of engineering oversight on the part of
an AE firm, to aggravate matters. Frankly, I've come to believe if I
couldn't confront the hack face to face, my action would have no merit
beyond simply getting the Engineering Board to do my dirty work for me.

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