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Re: Affirmative Action

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Bill Polhemus wrote:
> In article <199512292257.OAA01924(--nospam--at)>, Bill Polhemus wrote:
> Affirmative Action is the most blatant attempt by government to impose
> restrictions on people based on their race since the Jim Crow laws of the
> old South were eradicated... no matter how "disadvantaged" you personally
> may or may not be, your skin color or sex determines whether you are in
> line or not...
> Right on!  The impulse behind Affirmative Action may be worthy, but in practice the benefits go to 
the members of the disadvantaged group that least need them.  And as other contributors to this 
thread have pointed out, true or not, the fact that "disadvantaged" firms receive AA stigmatizes 
them as less competent than their competitors.

Who is disadvantaged?  Is it the child of the Vietnamese immigrant, the black doctor, or the white 
unemployed coal miner?  Family cultural inheritance is the primary determinant of an individual's 
societal advantage or disadvantage, not sex or skin color.  And societal advantage or disadvantage 
is pretty well reflected in economic status.  Disadvantaged equals poor.

Government should work with professional societies like ASCE and SEAOC to establish mentoring 
programs and scholarships for talented disadvantaged (i.e., poor) individuals, regardless of race 
or gender.

Jay Bryan	jaybryan(--nospam--at)