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Re: Starting Salary and the New Thread

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In a message dated 95-12-29 21:17:31 EST, you write:

>Again, negotiating contracts direclty with building owners is the way to 
>go.  I have spoken at length with several leading structural engineering 
>firms that are doing this with *great* success, AND without "insulting" 
>the architects.

An arrangement I like is when the engineering fees are not included in the
architectural.  The architect says that his fee is xxx and he'll check with
"his" engineer to get his fee.  I quote a fee and it's a done deal-- no
negotiation--just quote a fair price.  The architect confirms to the owner
that the fee is reasonable and the arrangement is with the owner.  It also
allows me to tie production of work to payment from the owner and eliminate
slow pays.  Billing the architect who bills the owner takes about 90 days to
put money back in my bank.  Billing the owner directly gets it there in 30
days.  If it's not, I have basis to drag my feet on production which seems to
get the money flowing again. (All this of course based on terms of the
contract.) This isn't necessary most of the time, but it has proven to be

Steve Privett CE