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Re: Bust'm or not?

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Tom Harris,
You are on the "right track."  Your experience in obtain your structural license 
is a wonderful example to everyone whoever obtained their structural license and 
you should be proud of your accomplishments.  Many of my colleagues return from 
World War II, established families, and studied almost has hard as you did for 
their structural license after receiving their civil license, working for very 
low salaries.  When we took the structural license when less than a dozen passed 
the examination each year in the whole state of California.  I received my 
structural license in 1956 - forty years again - and have always been very proud 
of having this structural license.  In the 1950's and 1960's, engineers that I 
admired like Henry Degenkolb, John Rinne, Henry Dewell, Gus Saph, Carl Johnson, 
Roy Johnston, and others told the younger engineers, including myself, that it 
was important to defend and protect the structural license against attacks if it 
meant we would have to get in our cars and drive to Sacramento and appear before 
Legislative Committees.  In the old days, 1950's and 1960's, I felt that the 
BORPELS was more effective in protecting the public, and policing the civil and 
structural engineering professions.  I am sincerely sorry that I donot have a 
solution about non structural engineers being allowed to advertise or use the 
title structural engineer.  Maybe we should be more active in the Structural 
Engineers Association of California local sections and make our concerns known 
there.  Reading of the California Seismic Safety Commission's Report on the 
response to the Governor's Executive Order, "Turning Loss to Gain" gives some 
insight to what has happened to the design and construction of buildings in 
California in recent years. There is something very wrong with the building 
design and construction delivery system of buildings in California, not to 
mention the other parts of the United States. Do not despair, we need young 
engineers like yourself to continue to "hold the torch high" and point the way.  
Unfortunately, the Internet does not reach enough structural engineers to be 
truly effective.  We should work within the local sections of the Structural 
Engineers Association of California which have the resources in numbers and money 
to make things happen, including change. These sections have some very devoted 
members, including their Boards of Directors and Officers.  Thank you for your 
very important message.
Frank McClure   fmcclure(--nospam--at)  SE649 (1956)