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Re: Bust'm or not?

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In a message dated 95-12-29 18:42:51 EST, you write:

>Our new phone book is out and both are still listed under the SE catagory.
>Should they be busted or not?
>What do you think?

I'm a Civil Engineer that has just never taken the SE exam (I've been
licensed for 15 years and do mostly structural work) and I believe that if
you have pointed the fact out to the violators and they continue, you should
complain to the State.  As licensed CEs, they should be aware of the laws and
there is no excuse.  I have reported a few contractors that were listing
themselves under the heading of Structural Engineers and they chose to
continue after I called and followed up with a written letter to them.  It
took a few years as the phone book is only printed every year, but the State
finally got them to change their listing.  In this case, I was concerned with
the misrepresentation that these contractors had an engineering license when
in fact they didn't even have an engineer (Civil or Structural) on staff. The
Board is quite specific on the requirements and we need to police our own as
a service to the community.  It's more than the fact that SEs studied to take
the test, it's that the community shouldn't be lied to.  I receive calls
every month where I have to explain to people that I am not a Structural
Engineer as they are asking for, but still licensed and very qualified to do
what they are looking for.  

But the bottom line.... If they are blatently violating the law, and thumb
their nose at it, they shouldn't be practicing anyway.  If they want to use
the title, they must follow the rules.  That way we all get along on the
playground.... <G>

Steve Privett CE