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Re: Affirmative Action

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>> I think we white guys are finally reaping what we've sown.

"Doubt it!",  my teenagers would say.

I was informed, at 16, in my very first course of my very first day of
engineering, when I walked in late, that I was in the wrong room.  When I was
18, a professor told a dirty joke and then claimed, before the entire class,
that I had told it to him.  At 19, at my first summer internship, I was
propositioned by my boss, who was over 60 and married.  At two of my first
four interviews with construction companies, post- baccalaureate, I was
laughed at when I walked into the room.

I am now 41 and still have to answer questions such as, "Does your husband
support your efforts to work?"  And, last week, at an interview, "Who takes
care of your kids?"  I am aware that these questions are discriminatory and
that I am not required to answer them.  However, what will my score be if I
object to the questions?

After obtaining an MS, a PE (at 23 and within one week of the birth of my
first child, with a two week maternity leave), some MBA and JD courses and
teaching engineering courses in the UC system, I still am questioned about my
"motivation" with relationship to the fact that I am female.  

And people question whether we still need affirmative action?

White men don't need to reap what they've sown.  But some need to wake up and
smell the roses.

Linda Nottingham