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Re: Affirmative Action

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On Mon, 1 Jan 1996 18:21:30 -0600  Christopher Wright wrote:
>>Affirmative Action is the most blatant attempt by government to impose
>>restrictions on people based on their race since the Jim Crow laws of the
>>old South were eradicated.
>As someone who spent a fair amount of time in the old South, I think it's
>probably fair to say that if there'd been as much (self)righteous outrage
>over economic discrimination toward Jews, black people and women as I've
>heard recently over Affirmative Action, there'd be no need for Affirmative
> I think we white guys are finally reaping what we've sown.

Hey, speak for yourself, dude!  *I* didn't do it, and there's no reason I can see why I should have 
to pay for what I didn't do.  If discrimination is wrong, it's wrong.  Simply switching the victims 
and the victimizers doesn't change its basic ethical nature.  If it's all right to discriminate 
against folks, then why shouldn't I feel perfectly justified in discriminating all I want?

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