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Re: Affirmative Action

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In article <30E8ECC9.65F8(--nospam--at)>, you wrote:
>Government should work with professional societies like ASCE and SEAOC to establish mentoring 
>programs and scholarships for talented disadvantaged (i.e., poor) individuals, regardless of race 
>or gender.

I understand and applaud your motives, but please forgive me if I am 

"Government" should stay the hell out of EVERYONE'S business, PERIOD! 
Private individuals and institutions do not need coaching from the 
Government (who, after all, have the worst record in history when it comes
to "helping" people; they have, after all, succeeded in enslaving three 
generations of "the poor" with "entitlement" programs, and in the offing, 
nearly bankrupted this great Republic) in order to provide services such 
as you describe.

I believe, given the history of this nation, that we are a good people. 
We are wise to the ways society can be made better.  We can do good while 
doing well, WITHOUT sanction or enforcement from Government.

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