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Re: Affirmative Action

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In article <960103182403_105631708(--nospam--at)>, you wrote:
>After obtaining an MS, a PE (at 23 and within one week of the birth of my
>first child, with a two week maternity leave), some MBA and JD courses and
>teaching engineering courses in the UC system, I still am questioned about my
>"motivation" with relationship to the fact that I am female.  
>And people question whether we still need affirmative action?

Um.  Are you aware that "affirmative action" has very little to do with 
attempts to change hearts and minds, and everything to do with 
establishing and maintaining political patronage among "disadvantaged" 

You won't "convince" anyone who has views regarding the different roles of
men and women of their error by being assured, for example, that you have 
a share of "set-asides".

>White men don't need to reap what they've sown.  But some need to wake up and
>smell the roses.

I've worked with many competent woman engineers.  However, I have yet to 
be convinced that their chosen professions are more important than that of
wife and mother.  I am an engineer.  I remain unconvinced.

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