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Re: Affirmative Action

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In article <m0tXgBD-0005NwC(--nospam--at)>, you wrote:
>I am not sure about other groups but I think affirmative
>action policies regarding women are still needed, at least until broader
>cultural changes take place.

Ah.  And who, pray, decides what kind of changes these should be?  And how
far they are to be carried before things are "O.K."?  Some might argue 
that the "cultural changes" sponsored by the Government (that's who we're 
talking about, isn't it?) over the last fifty years have, with some 
exceptions, been uniformly devastating to society as a whole, and to the 
"groups" they purported to help.

And, BTW, it's difficult to argue conclusively that the DESIREABLE changes
would not have occured without governmental intervention.

I say: "we have a constitution, we have liberty, we have opportunity. 
Let that work to the advantage of all, as it has throughout the history of
this Republic."

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