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Re: Affirmative Action

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>>>>>>  "What you mean 'we', Paleface?"

With all due respect, my Daddy taught me that one, in context.  (He is a
Native American and proud of it.)  Allow my minor preface:

The Lone Ranger said, "We...................."    

Tanto said, "Whadda ya mean 'we', Paleface?"  (Meaning, when could I ever
depend upon you, white man???)

>>>>> Leave the past behind.  Time to move on.

Yeah, the Lone Ranger wanted to (move on)!  Unfortunately, we cannot abandon
our associates or neighbours without consequence.  

When women, people of colour, and our older citizens make significantly more
than 67c on the dollar, and we all enjoy the same employment opportunities, I
will very happily step off my podium.

>>>>>I say: "we have a constitution, we have liberty, we have opportunity.
 Let that work to the advantage of all, as it has throughout the history of
this Republic."

Yes we do have a very special tradition in our nation.  Slavery was abolished
and women actually get to vote now.  Progress is happening!

Now, maybe some of us need to take a moment to think about the meaning of
"equal" when it is not in an equation.

>>>>> And who, pray, decides what kind of changes these should be?  And how
far they are to be carried before things are "O.K."?

You, your vote both in the office and in the ballot booth, and your


Kudos to Christopher!