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Re: Affirmative Action

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In article <v01520d00ad1390fdbebc@[]>, you wrote:
>> And I am almost certain
>>that very few "disadvantaged" individuals have been victims of
>>institutional discrimination in this generation.
>I gather you've never been in the Old Confederacy.

I am a native of Alabama.  I was born in 1957.  In all that time, I have 
never lived in the "Old Confederacy," which had a very short life, from 
about 1860 to about 1864.

Thus, the answer is: no I have never been in the Old Confederacy.

>Or had a black woman ask
>you to move toward the front of the bus, otherwise she'd have to stand
>because all the seats behind me were taken.

The Rosa Parks episode happened a couple of years before I was born. 
Things changed rapidly after that.  So, again, the answer is, no, this has
never happened to me, although I've lived in Alabama, Georgia, Florida, 
Oklahoma and Texas.

>Or watch the token black Senior
>in your graduating class sit upstairs at a dance because he wasn't allowed
>on the dance floor.

All the black students in my graduating class attended and participated 
fully in our dances.  I graduated in 1975.  So again, the answer is, no 
this has never happened in my experience.

>Ever said you though racism was wrong when you heard
>the term 'timbernigger?'

The majority of my peers in the years in which I grew up all abhored
racism.  Some had prejudices.  They mumbled and grumbled but kept their
opinions to themselves.  They were the ones who were ostracized, not those
of us who were not "racists".

BTW, I would differentiate between those 
who have prejudices (they "don't like" the culture, etc., of those who are
different, and prefer to be separate from them), and those who are 
"racist" (they actively seek to harrass and even harm those who are of a 
different race).  In the current climate of political correctness, they 
are one and the same, but I choose to differentiate.

>I also gather your answer to the operative question is, "Nothing--it's not
>my problem."

No, my answer is, once again: "Things have changed, and we need to act 

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