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Re: Affirmative Action

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Yesterday, Mr Polhemus wrote :

>BTW, I would differentiate between those 
>who have prejudices (they "don't like" the culture, etc., of those who are
>different, and prefer to be separate from them), and those who are 
>"racist" (they actively seek to harrass and even harm those who are of a 
>different race).  In the current climate of political correctness, they 
>are one and the same, but I choose to differentiate.


I do not want to enter in the new direction this tread is taking.
I have never seen an equivalent decision as "Affirmative action" in Europe.
I only want to say to Mr Polhemus that I believe he is wrong making such a
difference between those who are passive and those who are active in racism.
Take, for example, the case of world war II, where my family had to hide
from concentration camps.If the nazis were able to applicate their policy,
it was because the vast majority of the people, in countries like Poland,
Austria, etc ... were PASSIVELY racist.
Nobody was active, but nobody did anything against it.Of course, I
understand it must have been almost impossible to fight, but some people
did, resistants all across Europe.
This is also true for what is happening today.
You do not have to forget, that the best support for those who are actively
racist, is to be passively racist.If you REALLY are against racism (and I am
sure you are), you do not have to tolerate those who are passively racists,
by understanding, that they are a great support for the activists.
In Europe (France, Belgium, etc...), there are VERY dangerous extreme-right
politic groups, who are gaining more and more power, because they are
getting sympathy from passive racists, who are "only mumbling", as you said.
This large, "passive" group is a very important vector for intolerant ways
of thinking, by LEGITIMATING those thoughts.

I hope you did not misunderstood what I said.
Thank's and a happy 1996 for everybody.

Marc Feuerstein.

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>From now, do I have to send my postings to seaoc(--nospam--at) ?

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