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Re: Affirmative Action

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At 08:50 PM 1/5/96 -0600, you wrote:
>>I have never sown anything to be thusly reaped.
>The operative question really is what did you do to fight discrimination?
>> And I am almost certain
>>that very few "disadvantaged" individuals have been victims of
>>institutional discrimination in this generation.
>I gather you've never been in the Old Confederacy. Or had a black woman ask
>you to move toward the front of the bus, otherwise she'd have to stand
>because all the seats behind me were taken. Or watch the token black Senior
>in your graduating class sit upstairs at a dance because he wasn't allowed
>on the dance floor. Ever said you though racism was wrong when you heard
>the term 'timbernigger?'
>I also gather your answer to the operative question is, "Nothing--it's not
>my problem."
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What we DO is hire people based upon qualification. I never found this
difficult and it is an easy way to fight discrimination - simply do your
share to make sure that every applicant gets a fair shake.