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Re: Affirmative Action

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>I am a native of Alabama.
Ah...of course. I was a co-op in Huntsville starting about a year after you
were born.

>Thus, the answer is: no I have never been in the Old Confederacy.
Nice dodge. I got too cute, didn't I? But if you think you weren't born in
the Old Confederacy, you're kidding yourself, not me. I knew all the lines
before you were using complete sentences. Ever take a close look at the
Alabama state flag?

>The Rosa Parks episode happened a couple of years before I was born.
>...So, again, the answer is, no,
It happened to me in Norfolk Virginia in 1959, about the time Princess Anne
county schools closed to prevent integration. You remember, outside
agitators stirrin' up all the good nigras tryin to mix the races in the
schools. And it had nothing to do with integrating the system. Things
hadn't gone that far, yet, but they would. It was about that time a fat old
red-neck called me a nigger-lover, because I didn't agree that black people
should get out of my way walking down a sidewalk. (You know what a red-neck
is--God's way of showing why cousins shouldn't marry)

>All the black students in my graduating class attended and participated
>fully in our dances.  I graduated in 1975.  So again, the answer is, no
>this has never happened in my experience.
I watched it at Ring Dance at VPI in 1962, the year I graduated.

>>Ever said you though racism was wrong when you heard
>>the term 'timbernigger?'
>The majority of my peers [...] choose to differentiate.

I gather that meant no. To be fair, I laughed at all the jokes at Marshall,
and said nothing when people used that word, although my father (Born in
Virginia, decended from one Confederate soldier that I know of and cousin
to some world class red-necks) would have smacked my face if I'd used it in
his presence. The term I cited is in Minnesota and Wisconsin in regard to
Ojibwa who spear fish in Lake Milacs as permitted by treaty. No
corresponding word for white people who poach Walleye in Milacs, though.

>No, my answer is, once again: "Things have changed, and we need to act
Couldn't agree more. Because we've failed to act accordingly, things may
change more, yet.

BTW, hope you don't take this too personally. To a degree it's make-up work
for all the things I didn't have the cojones to say when I lived in Florida
and Alabama and Virginia. I agree that lots has changed down south. (VPI
lets black people dance with whites, now. Jim Crow busses are gone. Acting
decent--big wow.)  But lots hasn't changed that also needs changing. And
not just in the states of the Old Confederacy.

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