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Re: Affirmative Action

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I want to thank all of you for the input on Affirmative Action, it has been
interesting to see what others think of the subjet.

When I proposed this tread of dialog a couple of weeks ago, the original
question was how it has affected you?

Have you gotten any work because of it?
Has it changed your hiring process?
Have you lost any work?
Is it working?

We can all debate the topic forever, much like politics and religion.  All
discussion on whether it is right or wrong are academic if it has no effect
in the work place.  The bottom line of the question is "has it affected you".

As for me, I was raised in the south in the 40's and 50's where colored
bathrooms, etc. were a common site and nobody questioned it.  I was also
raised in the WASP suburbs of southern CA.  It seems to me we have made alot
of positive changes about race relations since my youth.

As for affirmative action, I tend to agree with Nigel more than anyone else.
It's just a fancy name for racism.  If you are going to eliminate racism,
you have to get rid of it in all forms.  Saying it is ok to discriminate
against 1 group for a while is not a solution, it is perpetuation in a
different form.  I also think it is a social problem, not political.  The
government should have no say in the matter at all.  I don't tell them how
to run their business so stay out of mine.  

I tend to hire people more on personality than qualifications, and there are
no 2 that are the same.  For me, with a small office of usually 4-8 people,
we become close friends.  I usually just ask myself if this person is
someone I can trust with my affairs and can I become their friend.
Qualifications vary a little here in there but most are very sharp and learn
or adapt easily.  If they don't know AutoCad, I won't even talk to them.
This is true for both engineers and draftsmen.  I also tend to hire 2
females for every male.  

For those of you who feel discriminated against, face reality, you are just
going to have to work a little harder to prove yourself.  Government won't
change that for you.  You'll do it by your actions.

That's my thoughts, does anyone want to answer the original question?

Dennis McCroskey
Structural Engineer/Architect