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Re: Affirmative Action

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>question was how it has affected you?

>Is it working?
I'll take a shot at this one, since I've done my share of liberal
preaching. The aswer is that it isn't working as well as it ought to, but
not for the reasons usually cited. But that's not all the Government's
doing. I claim employers have forced the idea of affirmative action towards
a quota mode because they want a minimum standard to be graded on, so they
don't have to make tough decisions. Take the test, accumulate enough points
and you're off the hook. I run into the same sort of thinking with the
pressure vessel code. First thing some owners want to know is what's the
absolute minimum they can get away with? How cheap can they make it, what
corners can they cut and still carry the Cloverleaf. Low temp fracture you
say from unsuitable steel? Not my problem, the Code said I could use it. A
great many employers took this mentality with OSHA regs, too, so the issue
became passing inspections, not worker safety. My sense from this list is
that the same thinking happens in seismic design of buildings. It's no
wonder we get regulated by quotas and point systems--we demand it.

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