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Re: Bust'm or not?

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Dennis Wish wrote:

>The brain surgeon and Proctologist are both MD's. I certainly wouldn't 
>chose the Proctologist to remove a brain tumor. Yet both are listed in 
>the phone book under Doctors and each is listed in sub-categories under 
>Doctors. This allows the public to understand what that person 
>specializes in. Why is this any different with Structural Engineers.

I?m sorry but I fail to see the analogy.  A Structural Engineer is permitted
by law and usually has the experience and ability to perform everything that
a Civil Engineer practicing in Structural performs.  Whereas all structural
work falls within the realm of a SE, a brain surgeon will not perform a
rectal exam. :-)

>Finally (I know I'm running this into the ground) - Shafat mentioned 
>what I had also suggested days ago - reclassify the SE license not the 
>CE. The proposed changes to the CE designation by BORPEL will not clear 
>up the confusion where it needs clarification - with the client. It will 
>only allow the state to identify infractions of the law by allowing the 
>state to determine who is qualified and who is not - after the damage is 

I don?t agree with this or with what shafat suggested.  I believe the system
we have is adequate.  We need to educate building inspectors and the public
about the differences between a SE license and a CE license and that a
qualified CE can perform structural work for other than essential buildings,
schools, high rise buildings, and bridges.

To go back to the original question, I think they should be busted.  We must
protect the SE license and the requirements to obtain it.  This is necessary
to ensure that this additional level of competency is provided to essential
projects that require it.

>Enough - my nerves are fried on this issue. I'll keep my thoughts to 
>myself if I am truly in the minority.

By all means, please do not keep your thoughts to yourself. I have really
enjoyed reading all your comments and responses.  Keep?em coming.

Janah A. Risha, S.E.