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Re: Bust'm or not?

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Dennis McCroskey wrote:
> >Dear Dennis:
> >
> >I vote not to bust them.
> >
> >Civil engineers practicing structural are the joke of 
the century. Poor
> >guys can do (by law) about everything that a SE can do, 
yet are not allowed
> >to compete fairly with SE........

For me, I think it is important not to lose site of the 
core issue, rather than the legal technicalities that may 
or may not be associated with a yellow page listing -- is 
an individual competent to practice structural 
engineering.  A civil engineer can legally practice 
structural engineering (with some exceptions) if they are 
competent to do so. He or she just can't use the title or 
represent themselves as a "Structural Engineer".  For much 
of the public I would believe this to be a very subtle 

Keep in mind the engineering community is in many ways 
relatively small.  Respect for our peers is important.  We 
will all find our selves on the other side of the table, 
so to speak, at some point and time in our careers.  Going 
out of our way to discredit each other, in the end will 
benefit none of us. I do not see how yellow page 
advertisements constitute major marketing for our 
profession.  As professionals, we would be better served 
if our professional organizations provided standardized 
referrals for engineering services, much like the legal 
and medical professions do.  This would have the benefit 
of allowing firms and practicioners ample space to list 
the specific services that offer and are competent to 
provide.  Structural engineering simply encompasses too 
much to be clearly definitive for those looking for our 
services, yet know nothing about what we do.  

Edwin T. Dean, P.E., S.E.