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Re: Bust'm or not?

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On Tue, 9 Jan 1996 JRisha(--nospam--at) wrote:

> To go back to the original question, I think they should be busted.  We must
> protect the SE license and the requirements to obtain it.  This is necessary
> to ensure that this additional level of competency is provided to essential
> projects that require it.

Let's not forget that the purpose of licensing Engineers is the 
protection of the public. There seem to be strains of "good-old-boyism"
in this debate that are not relevant to protecting the public. Would the 
phone company be amenable to changing the heading from "Engineers, 
Structural" to "Engineering, Structural"? Are we really talking about 
busting someone for such a trivial difference?

I have practiced Structural Engineering throughout my career, but did not 
take the SE exam until I was 46. For many years I thought of myself as a 
Structural Engineer even though I couldn't legally use the title. I 
believe that, if an Engineer practices Structural Engineering, then his 
yellow page listing ought to reflect that. If we're going to bust anyone, 
let's go after the yellow pages publisher.

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