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The affirmative action thread:
To the question of being affected by affirmative action I must say yes.  
My firm has been excluded from projects because we are not a minority or 
a women owned firm.
What bothers me is when an average white guy, who has a Portuguese 
family, can get listed as a MBE firm.  (Actually, what galls me even more 
is that I cannot get on his team :) )

The 'Bust' thread:
I agree with the comment that the purpose of the laws is to protect the 
public.  John Q Public does not know what he is buying and must rely on 
the regulators to govern the supply of services.   The example of the 
brain surgeon providing a rectal exam is humorous and harmless until 
there is a problem with the services.  Then the law comes into play and 
the brain surgeon is punished for practicing outside of his expertise.  
(Although on some people...