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Inspection Practices Committee

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This is the year end report which will be presented to the Board in February
and should be posted in the SEAOC Web page, Inspection Committee.   An
abreviated version is to appear in the Newletter.
We meet on the 3rd Tuesday of the month and will begin 1996 with our first
meeting at Noon, February 20 at the SEAOSC office in Whittier.
Topics of discussion will include the developments of the Inspection Agency
document through ASTM and a review of the quality assurance efforts promoted
through an Apprentice Program for Special Inspectors.
Please contact me if you plan to attend.
Sandy Pringle
(310)798-6868   or   sandypringle(--nospam--at)

                   Inspection Practices Committee
                A Review of accomplishments for 1995.

After much preparation, the IPC presented ENGINEERING & INSPECTION '95
seminar on March 11.  Widely attended and acclaimed, this seminar is the
beginning of a potential series opening up much needed lines of
communication.  We have continued to be of service to the Professional
community with presentations and seminars to local organizations.  A
presentation to FEMA and another to OES regarding Los Angeles RGA
1-91(pressure grout injection of unreinforced masonry),
Presentations on the inspection of "Drilled-in Anchors" to the Building and
Construction Inspection Academy in East L.A. and another to the Carpenters
Union in Whittier and another to the annual Convention/Conference of the
American Construction Inspectors Association.
Our phones are open and we frequently receive calls for clarifications and
definitions, procedure descriptions and product applications.  Although we
don't profess to have all the answers, we have been able to make a
significant contribution and have continued to develop access to areas of
information for the Engineering community as regards Inspection Practices.
We monitor the Internet Bulletin Board developed by the Computer
Applications Committee and occasionally we have been able to make contributions.
We currently maintain membership in ASTM and chair a sub-committee on the
development Standards for Inspection Agencies.  We also serve on the Board
for the Quality Assurance Committee.  This necessitates meetings twice a
year for several days; June 1995 was in Denver and December 1995 was in
Norfolk.  These are very productive meetings. 
The approach to quality assurance needs to be made on as many fronts as
possible and we are doing our part at the international level and the local
level.  We are currently members of the American Society for Quality
Control, the Applied Technology Council, the American Society for
Non-Destructive Testing, Earthquake Engineering Research Institute,
California Preservation Foundation, International Conference of Building
Officials and the American Concrete Institute.
We are looking forward to a strong 1996 and anticipate participation in
several of the planned presentations and seminars.  We currently have a
seminar under consideration and would appreciate any input from the Board
Thank you for opportunity to be of service,
Sandy Pringle
Structural Inspection Consultants (310)598-1970
Inspection Practices Committee
A Review of accomplishments for 1995.