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Re: Terraced buildings

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>I believe this will be considered as being a four story structure for design
>of the foundation.  Currently Los Angeles City has developed an ordinance
>call Division 95 which is for the retrofit and new design of hillside
>structures, pending approval of the city counsel.  This has not been
>offically adopted by the city, but is now being enforced as a building
>department correction.  In this ordinance, which I heard about at a SEAOSC
>dinner presentation,  I believe all lateral forces, at each floor level will
>have to be transfered by grade beams back up to the highest elevation of the
>sloping foundation. Cassions at this location will have to resist the total
>lateral forces on the building.  For furthur information, you might contact
>Mr. Nick Delli Quadri with the Los Angeles City Department of Building and
>Safety to ask about obtaining a copy of this ordinance.   Phone (213)847-4122
>Michael Cochran
>Brian L. Cochran Associates
>Los Angeles, CA.
Thanks Michael,

This is actually a Planning/zoning questions.  I can deal with the
engineering ok, and yes there are 4 diaphragms and 4 levels, but is it a 4
story building?

What I am actually looking for is some written documentation on
interpetation of  stories.  Per UBC definition of story, there is no point
more than 2 stories therefore it is 2 stories.