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Re: Terraced buildings

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What you are dealing with is what I have dealt with for over 16 years in the
San Bernardino mountains where nothing is level. I have seen every type of
interpertation in regards to a 3-story and 4-story buildings that one can
imagine. They generally use the UBC definition of "story" and the BORPELS
exception for 1 & 2 story residential buildings as not requiring engineering
and 2nd exits from the top floor. A lot of time the distinction is in the
amount and average build-up to the lowest floor not including the basement
(if it meets the definition of a basement). The plan checkers are usually
concerned with the 2nd exit that is required about all floor above the 2nd
story when that floor exceeds 500 sq.ft. The way around this is to limit the
top floor to under 500 sq.ft. or the floor meets the definition of a
mezzanine. It seems that  you are dealing with a planner that projects all
floors to the rear projection of the house (footprint). BORPELS & UBC have
not been any help in these interpretations.

Good Luck

Ken Wilkinson