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[SEAOC] Mail Server is back.

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I like to thank all of you for your patience and cooperation. Let me update 
you on what happened last week.

Due to growing number of subscribers, our mail server had slow down. An 
email sent to this server would sometimes takes 12 hours to be distributed 
to all subscribers. In an attempt to speed up the delivery of email, we 
moved our list to a faster machine. We also upgraded to the latest release 
of Majordomo and SendMail. Hopefully this will speed up things a little 

Our biggest problem is our overseas subscribers. It sometimes takes upto 5 
minutes for their server to respond and acknowledge receipt of email.

If any of you has any experience with large mailing lists, please contact 
me. Although we did speed up things a little bit, it still takes as much as 
4 hours sometimes. I would like to keep delivery time under one hour.

Once again, thank you for your patience and thank you for making this list 
a success.

BTW, what was the final resolution on "BUST'M OR NOT" ???

Shafat Qazi, P.E.