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[SEAOC] P critical for concentricly loaded columns

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I have been trying to determine the allowable and
ultimate concentric load for a 6" pipe column.  AISC
ASD has a couple of sections that discuss column
capacity and I don't know which one governs for an 11'
column that is in the inelastic region (KL/r<Cc).

For allowable stress, I've typically used table C-36 
(p3-16), yet Table-3 (p5-119) presents a different way 
of obtaining Fa.  How are these methods applied 

For the Critical Load, Section H1 (p5-54) gives the
Euler buckling stress with a safety factor applied to
it.  Section N4 (p5-94) gives the critical load as a
function of the allowable stress increased by a factor
of 1.7.  SInce the column is behaving inelasticly, does
the Euler equation apply or would section N4 yield a
better value?