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Re: [SEAOC] RE: Affirmative Action

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This has been an issue that has spawned many comments. Bill Shermans 
response to Affirmative Action demonstrates the humanitarian intent of 
the law. Unfortunatly, it does not demonstrate the reality on how the 
law affects all of those that must abide by it. 
Descrimination has pervailed, inspite of Afirmative action since it 
takes little to disguise ones predjudices. The key comment from Bill was 
"Overall, I feel that no one should be forced to hire anyone who is not
qualified for a position......." This might infer that Affirmative 
action programs should be maintained for education, so that each 
applicant can be judged on his/her skills rather than socio-economic ( 
or sex / religious) qualifications. With adequate eductation, the 
applicant has the ability to compete on similar terms for a job.
In the job market, Affirmative Action has led to reverse discrimination 
and abuse of the terms of the law. Possibily the solution is to 
eliminate AA requirments for hiring, but continue to provide them for 
Dennis Wish PE