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>  From: "William M. Bruin" <wmb(--nospam--at)>                                      
>  To: seaoc(--nospam--at)                                                         
>  Date: Thu, 1 Feb 1996 11:22:59 PST                                          
>  Subject: ìSEAOC? Question to Engineers                                      
>   It would be great to have access to the blue book on the internet, however 
>  format that allows a search to capture relevant topics would be far more    
>  useful.  I believe AISC will be issuing the next LRFD code in a CD-ROM      
>  that allows complete searching of text that highlights all relevant code    
>  provisions associated.  If this could be done with the blue book, that would
>  great.  If it could be accessed via  the internet, even better.             
>  Bill                                                                        
Shafat et al...                                                                
Is there anything happening at this time to place SEAOC documents, charts,     
etc on a CD-ROM? I've wanted to see something like this develop for some time  
I think it would be a tremendous tool, and in the thread of discussion here,   
continue to provide revenue into the organization as selling published (paper) 
documents does. Would the engineers on this list server find a CD-ROM useful or
would it be another 'gadget'?                                                  
Being able to do searches on keywords I think would save us a bit of time.     
If the ECC is considering anything like this, I'd like to know about it and    
have some multimedia recording gear which may help in the process of making an 
interesting as well as informative CD-ROM.                                     
Thomas D. Honles, S.E.                                                         
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