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Re: [SEAOC] RE: Affirmative Action

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Prejudice is still alive and kicking.  Albeit, alot of it is unconscious
stereotyping.  And, although AA programs may be labeled as "vengeance" by
some, the lack of programs like AA allow for flagrant discrimination.

Some of us still alive (I'm 41), have a history of being turned down on job
app's, promotions and equal pay based upon sex or perceived or obvious
ethnicity, or age.  Women engineers, for example, still make about 70% of
male engineer's salaries with equal qualifications.  And we still comprise
about six percent of all PEs.  Go figure that one.  Are we girls still dumber
at math?  Or could there possibly be another explanation?

We all want a perfect world in which people are dealt with based upon their
actual qualifications and skills.  When and if we get one, I'll be the first
in line to advocate the dismantling of AA programs.  But, in the
meantime..... we deal with a bad situation  

Until these blatant flagrancies are worked out, I will continue to fight for
AA programs.