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Re: [SEAOC] RE: Affirmative Action

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>>The problem can be summed up by Ms. Gatensby's words: percentage of ________
>>versus their percentage of the population? Well, what percent of the
>>population are structural engineers?
>You want to be careful about this logic. Murderers comprise very small
>percentage of the population,  but we single _them_ for special treatment,
>simply because the law applies to everyone equally, regardless of how few
>offenders there are.

I wasn't trying to make a point about what percentage of the population
are engineers. It was pointed out that 6% of US engineers are women, whereas
slightly more than 50% of the population are women. In Canada, we have no
AA, or MBE or WBE or anything similar, and less than 2% of engineers are women.
I feel that at 6% women are still underepresented and face barriers in 
the profession, and there is a big difference between 2% and 6%.

Maura Gatensby