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[SEAOC] Re: SEAOC Blue Book

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For those of you are may be interested, we have begun doing some samples of
the Blue Book.  You can find them referenced from our web site or go
directly to:

This is intended only to be a sample.  Once assembled, we will hyperlink the
various code sections.  Searching can be done by the Table of Contents.

We discussed this at the CAC meeting.  It was our information that other
publications placed on the web tended to increase the number of copies sold.
This information can be available to students, people in 3rd world
countries, and Joe Blow down the street.  

Many engineers are not aware of it's existance.  This will expose it to more
of them and perhaps more engineers will decide to buy it.  If someone wants
to copy a section, let them.  It is no different than making a photo copy
from a book.  If you want to take that much time to do it, you can have it.
You'll spend several hours and have 2" thick stack of paper.  Those of us
who make our living with it I am sure much rather have it in it's more
compact and handy form.

90% of what's on the internet is garbage, hype and entertainment the rest is
information.  Putting this book on line is a way for SEAOC to help educate
the public.  Information should be available to anyone who wants it.  What
they do with it is something else, that's wehre engineers come in.