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[SEAOC] Re: Terraced buildings

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>What you are dealing with is what I have dealt with for over 16 years in the
>San Bernardino mountains where nothing is level. I have seen every type of
>interpertation in regards to a 3-story and 4-story buildings that one can
>imagine. They generally use the UBC definition of "story" and the BORPELS
>exception for 1 & 2 story residential buildings as not requiring engineering
>and 2nd exits from the top floor. A lot of time the distinction is in the
>amount and average build-up to the lowest floor not including the basement
>(if it meets the definition of a basement). The plan checkers are usually
>concerned with the 2nd exit that is required about all floor above the 2nd
>story when that floor exceeds 500 sq.ft. The way around this is to limit the
>top floor to under 500 sq.ft. or the floor meets the definition of a
>mezzanine. It seems that  you are dealing with a planner that projects all
>floors to the rear projection of the house (footprint). BORPELS & UBC have
>not been any help in these interpretations.
>Good Luck
>Ken Wilkinson
Hi Ken,

Actually this is a planning question.  The building department is not
involved at this point. I am trying to do this for my own personal house.
The original planner I discussed with told me it was ok to terrace a 2 story
house and it would be considered 2 stories.  Unfortunatly, a different set
of planners worked on it and they think otherwise.  UBC actually says a
terraced build height is determined as the height at any segment.  The
planners are trying to add all the levels and say it is that many stories.
They are just guessing and don't really know but it's holding me up so I am
trying to get as much verification as I can.  I talked to ICBO and they
agree with me also.  If the county doesn't give in, I'm gong to see if I can
sue them.

Other than that, how are you and "Big Ed"?

I'm getting ready to go to Florida for spring training with the Dodgers
again next week.  

I'm just getting simpson strong tie on line right now, free software is
available, see if it works.

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later dude,