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Re: [SEAOC] RE: Affirmative Action

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At 10:17 PM 2/2/96 -0800, Maura Gatensby wrote:
>>>The problem can be summed up by Ms. Gatensby's words: percentage of ________
>>>versus their percentage of the population? Well, what percent of the
>>>population are structural engineers?
>>You want to be careful about this logic. Murderers comprise very small
>>percentage of the population,  but we single _them_ for special treatment,
>>simply because the law applies to everyone equally, regardless of how few
>>offenders there are.
>I wasn't trying to make a point about what percentage of the population
>are engineers. It was pointed out that 6% of US engineers are women, whereas
>slightly more than 50% of the population are women. In Canada, we have no
>AA, or MBE or WBE or anything similar, and less than 2% of engineers are women.
>I feel that at 6% women are still underepresented and face barriers in 
>the profession, and there is a big difference between 2% and 6%.
>Maura Gatensby

Why can't you accept the fact that most women do not wish to be engineers?
What percent of airline "flight attendants" are men? So what? Discrimination
by percent is dangerous.
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