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RE: [SEAOC] Re: Affirmative Action

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On Sun, 4 Feb 1996 01:03:19 -0500  IrishBYTE(--nospam--at) wrote:
>Nigel Mends writes:
>>>>>>Could it possibly be that a lot fewer females go into engineering in the
>first place?  When I was in 
>school ten or so years ago, we only had two or three females out of an
>engineering student body of two or three hundred.  Of course, we wouldn't
>want to let mere facts get in the way...
>Response:  Twenty years ago, when I was in school, 1% of all PEs were women.
> My graduating class was 2% women at U C Davis, and most of us had been
>influenced by the AA recruitment team.  I know this because I headed the SWE
>group (all thirteen of us.)  Now, with the advent of AA programs, women
>comprise more like 6% of all engineers.  Thank you for illustrating my point
>with mere facts.

That makes a great throwaway line, but the connection between reverse discrimination in hiring and 
promotion on the job and increased enrollment in college escapes me.
>David Owens writes:
>>>>>>Why can't you accept the fact that most women do not wish to be
>Response:  Perhaps we need to address the reason WHY more men than women want
>to become engineers - on a ratio of sixteen to one.  

Why would we need to?  Certain vocations have a tendency to attract more of one sex than of the 
other.  Why on earth must we demand absolute numerical equivalency in every profession?  Shouldn't we 
"cherish diversity"?

>perhaps we all need to evaluate whether we are truly looking at the
>qualifications and skills of each person when we hire or recommend promotion
>- rather than the person's sex, skin colour, sexual preference, age, or

Yet you promote "AA" programs that institutionalize discrimination, and insist on attaining 
professional populations based only on gonads; the only difference is you want a different group of 
victims.  As long as you insist on purity of a population based on something as irrelevant as 
glandular status you perpetuate the very discriminatory practices you so stridently claim to abhor.


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