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RE: [SEAOC] Re: Affirmative Action

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> As long as you insist on purity of a population based on something as
>irrelevant as
>glandular status you perpetuate the very discriminatory practices you so
>stridently claim to abhor.

Nigel's whole post sounds very much like the arguments against every
constructive change I've ever heard, from school integration to health care
reform. There are 3 main principles, all bogus:

1. Everyone was happy before outside agitators stirred things up.

2. The problem results from universal law and anyway, everyone else does it.

3. Excuse inaction by assuming the victim vocabulary to gain sympathy.

If history has one lesson, it's that people in power can either face a
problem and act responsibly or get shoved aside when others take action.
Discrimination exists; if we don't deal with it, we have no complaints when
someone else does.

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