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RE: [SEAOC] Re: Affirmative Action

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At 06:34 PM 2/4/96 -0600, Christopher Wright wrote:
>> As long as you insist on purity of a population based on something as
>>irrelevant as
>>glandular status you perpetuate the very discriminatory practices you so
>>stridently claim to abhor.
>Nigel's whole post sounds very much like the arguments against every
>constructive change I've ever heard, from school integration to health care
>reform. There are 3 main principles, all bogus:
>1. Everyone was happy before outside agitators stirred things up.
>2. The problem results from universal law and anyway, everyone else does it.
>3. Excuse inaction by assuming the victim vocabulary to gain sympathy.
>If history has one lesson, it's that people in power can either face a
>problem and act responsibly or get shoved aside when others take action.
>Discrimination exists; if we don't deal with it, we have no complaints when
>someone else does.
>Is it fair to say that you don't feel the system is broken and needs
fixing? You don't feel affirmative action = quotas? Most people agree that
discrimination does exist, but not at the level its advocates claim. And at
what point do we stop paying for past injustices? I myself am 2nd
generation. Am I "exempt" from reverse discrimination? And why is aa
extended to all ethnic groups, no matter what or where? Liberalism, if left
unchecked, will become a police state. If in doubt, look at the universites.
For your own sake, wake up.
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