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RE: [SEAOC] Re: Affirmative Action

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>>Is it fair to say that you don't feel the system is broken and needs
Yes. Fixing, not trashing

You don't feel affirmative action = quotas?
No. It certainly shouldn't equal quotas, in any event. I think quotas,
where they exist, originate when people want to just skirt the edges of the
rules and ignore the intent. Someone asks, 'How many women or black people
or Hispanics must I hire to avoid an audit?' Someone tells them and that's
what they do. It works the same for regulatory matters from the ASME
Pressure Vessel Code to Equal Opportunity. There are always a few who don't
care what they do, only if they get caught. People like this need quotas,
and the Feds are happy to oblige.

>Most people agree that
>discrimination does exist, but not at the level its advocates claim
Many people agree to this, not most. And I bet the ones who do aren't over
50 or female or any of the varying shades of brown complexion.

>And at
>what point do we stop paying for past injustices?
Hard to say. A colleague of mine lost his brother in France 50 years ago.
As far as I know he's still dead. Same with a pen pal of mine whose father
went missing at Stalingrad. He hasn't turned up either. Sometimes we pay
for a long time. That's what makes injustices unjust.

>I myself am 2nd
>generation. Am I "exempt" from reverse discrimination?
I'm white. male, able-bodied, and very good at my profession. Even others
of my kind consider me too old for direct employment. Then lie about it. No
one's exempt.

> Liberalism, if left
>unchecked, will become a police state.
I bet King George said the same thing when he heard about the Declaration
of Independence. All the rednecks I know said the same thing when the
schools were integrated down south. Probably the coal mine owner who
blacklisted my great gradfather for union activities said it. They were
mistaken. Police states begin when people become fearful and start trying
to wall off the world. Once under seige, even an imagined seige, people
toss away their rights like day-old coffee.

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