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Re: [SEAOC] Re: Affirmative Action

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Thank you for your response Chris, I agree with you. It seems that most 
people that talk about too much government intervention don't understand 
why this happened. I can vasilate from one side to the other on 
Affirmative action when a valid argument is provided. Maura (I'm 
sorry but I forgot her last name)and Dr. Julie Cohen took different 
sides on the issue - Maura in favor and Julie against. Both had valid 
arguments as it relates to women.
The sad fact is that Affirmative Action programs, Health Care issues 
don't become a political platform until something dramatically wrong 
occurs in the present system and the wrong creates enough public 
attention that the people of this country demand a change. Then it 
becomes a platform for election. What I am trying to say is that when an 
official is elected because of his stand on an issue, it is generally 
the case that he is elected by the majority of voters that want 
this "something wrong" corrected. 
Mr. Owen will argue that Clinton got elected by the rules of the 
Electorial College, but this is the Constitution and therefore he was 
elected fairly. Mr. Owen seems so focused on "Liberalism" that he fails 
to see that those in office are there through the valid use of our 
voting system. 
Finally, if the private sector had not screwed up so much in the issue 
of equal rights and health care (and the hundreds of other issues that 
have goverment regulations) we wouldn't need goverment interaction. But 
the sad fact is that those in private sector power positions are not 
trustworthy enough to abide by equality measures and therefore need to 
be regulated. This would not be so, if the instances of abuse where 
insignificant, but unfortunatly, they are significant enough to draw 
public attention to the matter.
What is worse is that as clearly as the goverment regulates equality, 
the abusers (that Mr. Owen seem to supports) will find ways to create 
inequalities by lies and false reports. For example, why hire a Black or 
a Woman or a Jew, when you can simply tell them that someone of better 
qualifications has been chosen or that they don't have the proper 
experience that the employer wants. There are hundreds of ways to get 
around these programs and businesses are using these excuses every day.

Thanks again for your comments as well as all of the others in the past 
that you have contributed and that I have read. We may not always agree, 
but I do enjoy intellegent debate.

Dennis Wish PE