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[SEAOC] seeking knowledge about precast gypsum or pour-in-place gypsum roof system

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I have a 8" cmu bldg.  It's dimensions are 112' x 70' x 14.5' high.  There
are steel girders
40" deep across the short direction on the pilasters @ 18' o.c..  There are
12" deep steel joists @ 48" o.c. supported by the steel deep girders.
For roof construction, there seem to be small upside down steel Tee's @ 36"
o.c. sitting on the steel joists.  There are light brown shiny paper sitting
in between the Tee's.   On top of the paper is gypsum MAY BE about 2.5"
thick.  I don't know whether it is poured in place or prefabbed.  There MAY
BE a solid insulation board about 2" thick on top of the gypsum.   The
roofing skin is 3 or 5 ply roofing with small gravels.
It was built around 1960.  It probably was built by the Airforce.  It was
well built.  But there is no drawings.   There is a poured in place concrete
bond beam at the roof level all around the building.
my questions are;
1 Can anyone who are familia with this type of roof construction tell me more
in detail?
   I can not break the roof to investigate.
2  I would like to find out how it act as a diaphragm from the detail answer
of the    question #1.
Thank you for your help.

Ed Latthitham S.E.
Ventura, CA