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Re: [SEAOC] Message not deliverable

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In a message dated 96-02-04 23:59:55 EST, Mr. Marc Feuerstein writes:

>Before I forget : something else.
>For some days now, I am receiving messages answering to Mss Qazi request for
>info about 'blue book' info availability on the web.
>A lot of those messages are 'one-word' answers ('yes' or 'no' ... period).
>I believe that those messages should be sent to the personal Emailbox of Mss
>Qazi, and are NOT relevant to thousands of other people of the mailing list.
>It is even negative for the mailing list, because the interesting messages
>are lost in this flood of messages.
>It will also help the mailing list server of seaoc delivering emails
>(obviously there are problems with that).

I do not agree.  I am extremely interested in what my peers think about any
and all subjects that come up on this list server, even if it is a one word
answer.  If some of the items discussed do not have a global appeal, they are
none the less relevant and most of the time quite important for Structural
Engineers in the US in general and in California in particular.

With all due respect, this is a list server maintained by the Structural
Engineers Association of California.  In as much as international
participation is appreciated, encouraged, and enjoyed by all, a little
consideration of the issues that are relevant to the SEAOC membership is
greatly appreciated and will go a long way in improving the exchange of
information and communication on the local as well as the global level.

Janah A. Risha, S.E.