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Re[2]: [SEAOC] Q: thermal effects on industrial buildings?

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     Thanks for your response.
     Thermal changes on steel structure could impose additional stresses 
     that may need to be included with dead and or live loads. For usual 
     structures that are well insulated and no large openings exist, this 
     may not be a problem. But for industrial type structures such as 
     hangars with 3 dimensional space frames and large opening it may need 
     to be considered. The question is: is there any known criteria on what 
     to use as delta T in design, and is there anyone out there who has 
     traveled down this road.
     Thanks, Ghassem.

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Subject: Re: [SEAOC] Q: thermal effects on industrial buildings?
Author:  Michael Donoghue <71736.1034(--nospam--at)> at Internet
Date:    2/9/96 9:53 AM

<<... and the source on design criteria?>>
What do you mean?