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Re: [SEAOC] Computer Applications

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Marlou B. Rodriguez wrote:
>         Here at California Polytechnic State University at San Luis Obispo,
> we use Macintosh based Structural Engineering software such as Multiframe,
> Msc/Pal,etc...  We are currently considering upgrading our software and
> computer applications to assist our Architectural Engineering students to be
> more prepared when they graduate.
>         I would like to get some input from some of the practicing engineers
> what kind of structural engineering software we should look at in order to
> prepare our students for the future.
> Thank you for any response.

First, I would suggest that you change to a DOS based system (Power Mac 
or Window's Compatible). The majority of software available for 
structural engineering applications is written for the IBM format. 
All survey's that I have seen done (including the one we did for SEAOSC 
Computer Applications Committee) indicated that less then 10% of 
professional offices uses systems other than IBM compatible.

Once you move in that direction, I would be happy to direct your to 
appropriate software.

Dennis Wish PE