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[SEAOC] Gypsum Roof

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I have told your sysop/postmaster a zillion times that his internet setup
is incorrect. Everything send to our domain <> ends up here with us
in Sweden and is forwarded directly into dev/null.

Tell him to get his things right, or get off the Internet.

- Claes

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Gypsum roof diaphragms as seismic resisting elements were originally tested
by Clarkson Pinkham of S.B. Barnes & Associates some 30 years ago.  These
tests resulted in code values for strength an stiffness.

We performed several cyclic tests on 6' square specimens followed by detailed
non-linear stiffness degrading dynamic analysis to provide seismic upgrade
design criteria for gypsum roofs.

The test results are reported in his paper published in the Proceedings of
the Tenth World Conference in Earthquake Engineering, 1992.  I think this
paper will be of help to you.

Mike Mehrain
Dames & Moore
213-683-1560 x 504
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