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Re: [SEAOC] Computer Applications

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I have told your sysop/postmaster a zillion times that his internet setup
is incorrect. Everything send to our domain <> ends up here with us
in Sweden and is forwarded directly into dev/null.

Tell him to get his things right, or get his ass off the Internet.

- Claes

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Marlou B. Rodriguez wrote:
>         Here at California Polytechnic State University at San Luis Obispo,
> we use Macintosh based Structural Engineering software such as Multiframe,
> Msc/Pal,etc...  We are currently considering upgrading our software and
> computer applications to assist our Architectural Engineering students to be
> more prepared when they graduate.
>         I would like to get some input from some of the practicing engineers
> what kind of structural engineering software we should look at in order to
> prepare our students for the future.
> Thank you for any response.

The first thing you and your professors need to realize is that very few
engineering offices use Mac's.  I have never seen one in the many places
I have worked, and none of the companies I know of around here use them.
 Therefore, the most usefull thing you could do would be to dump your
Mac's and get some Intel chip computers.
Then, for 2D design and analysis, try Enercalc & Fastframe, RISA2D and
STAAD.  For 3D, try ETABS, SAP90, RISA3D.  There are many others, and
these aren't necessarily the best.  But they are very popular packages.
To my knowledge, none of these run on a Mac.
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