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Re: [SEAOC] Computer Applications

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>I have been getting this somewhat rude message " ... get his ass of
>the internet....". I am sure others are getting this message too.
>What's the issue and who's the offender ?

I'm the one you are looking for, tired of recieving hundreds of mail from
your mailing list every week just because there is a problem with the SEAOC
setup. I have tried repeatedly (and politely) to get someone at SEAOC to
stop sending us all this mail, but to no success.

That is, until today, when I finally decided not to accept this any more
and informed you listmembers about the electronic terror that we have lived
with for the past months.

Who is rude? I replied to only six of all those hundred messages. If anyone
was offended by my frank use of the word "ass", I apology, but as some of
you might understand, we are dead tired of having to recieve all this mail
day after day after day.

They are working on the problem right now, and this will hopefully be the
last message from me on this list. If someone has any questions, or would
like to comment on this subject, please send an email to me
<claes.magnusson(--nospam--at)> and let the discussions on the list continue in


- Claes


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