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Re: [SEAOC] RE: Affirmative Action

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Christopher Wright wrote:

>If you think you've seen discrimination, just wait 'til you're 51.

Just relax and enjoy it, Chris. I find the discrimination great. People are,
at last, starting to treat me with respect when I meet them... at least
until I start talking. 

Do you ever picture Einstein with black hair?

The grey hair gives an engineer an edge. At least the tradesmen on the job
site don't seem to raise their fists as quickly, when I say to "do it over".

This seems to be one job where you don't have to panic if you're sacked at
51. Just buy a fax machine, set up a desk at home and get into the yellow
pages. You'd be surprised who phones, asking for a beam to be designed ("I
need to take out a wall, and the Building Inspector says I need an engineer
to design the beam. How much will it cost?").

But there are a few contacts built up over the years who bring over some
good jobs. Working on your own means you can say "No" to the nasty jobs, and
play as long as you like with the challenging ones. I couldn't afford to do
that as a partner, when I was only 50.

I bailed out at 55. The plan still seems viable, 5 years later. There may be
professions that make more money, but  there aren't many that give you the
freedom to work independently at any age. I probably never have to retire if
I don't want to.

We don't have Affirmative Action here in Vancouver, but I sympathize with
all of you. I've often wondered how you Californians define "black" or
"hispanic"? And women - I guess we can define the target, but are they a

Sorry, I couldn't resist. I always enjoy your comments, Christopher.

                                                Jim Warne
                                                Vancouver, BC