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Dear Claes,
It seems easy for you to get fed up with these extraneous messages and I 
would too, *if* I were expecting that some technician who is paid to 
keep the system up where simply not doing his/her job.
The truth is that one person *volunteers* his many hours to the 
maintanance of this listservice - Shafat Qazi. 
I take offense at this, since Shafat and others (myself included) spend 
hundreds of hours each month providing this service as well as our 
publications which are distributed *free* to any SEA organization that 
cares to have it. We are not compensated, and yet we respond to these 
problems as fast as is possible. 
Until which time that we are able to afford to hire someone to do 
nothing by maintain our listservice and Web pages, we are at the mercy 
of someone that cares so little about what each of thinks that he should 
leave the service is total devastation so as to cause you the briefest 
amount of irritation.
Sorry about the sarcasm, but I don't feel that my time spent going 
through a few (even 25) erroneous listings is worth that much anger.

Give him some credit for giving you the platform that you need to let 
all of us (even those of us not interested) know of  your anger.

Dennis Wish PE