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Re: [SEAOC] Computer Applications

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At 02:42 AM 2/12/96 +0100, Claes Magnusson wrote:
>>I have been getting this somewhat rude message " ... get his ass of
>>the internet....". I am sure others are getting this message too.
>>What's the issue and who's the offender ?
>I'm the one you are looking for, tired of recieving hundreds of mail from
>your mailing list every week just because there is a problem with the SEAOC
>setup. I have tried repeatedly (and politely) to get someone at SEAOC to
>stop sending us all this mail, but to no success.
>That is, until today, when I finally decided not to accept this any more
>and informed you listmembers about the electronic terror that we have lived
>with for the past months.
>Who is rude? I replied to only six of all those hundred messages. If anyone
>was offended by my frank use of the word "ass", I apology, but as some of
>you might understand, we are dead tired of having to recieve all this mail
>day after day after day.
>They are working on the problem right now, and this will hopefully be the
>last message from me on this list. If someone has any questions, or would
>like to comment on this subject, please send an email to me
><claes.magnusson(--nospam--at)> and let the discussions on the list continue in
>But, Claes, isn't that what the Internet is all about? Communication...? A
new world order...?
>- Claes
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