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Re: [SEAOC] RE: Affirmative Action

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Christopher Wright wrote:

>If you think you've seen discrimination, just wait 'til you're 51.

Jim Warne replied:
Just relax and enjoy it, Chris. I find the discrimination great. People are,
at last, starting to treat me with respect when I meet them... at least until
I start talking. 

I respond: 
 That is cute, Mr. Warne!  Good sense of humour (serious here!)

Jim Warne continues:
The grey hair gives an engineer an edge. At least the tradesmen on the job
site don't seem to raise their fists as quickly, when I say to "do it over".

I respond:
Gosh!  Maybe I should dye my hair grey?  Then they would not call me "la
rubia" but would respect me in the morning?

Jim Warne continues:
This seems to be one job where you don't have to panic if you're sacked at
51. Just buy a fax machine, set up a desk at home and get into the yellow
pages. You'd be surprised who phones, asking for a beam to be designed ("I
need to take out a wall, and the Building Inspector says I need an engineer
to design the beam. How much will it cost?").

I respond:
You would be surprised at how many clients hesitate to take on someone who is
over forty, off-colour, or female.

Sorry, I couldn't resist. I always enjoy your comments, Christopher.  We
don't have Affirmative Action here in Vancouver, but I sympathize with all of
you. I've often wondered how you Californians define "black" or "hispanic"?
And women - I guess we can define the target, but are they a "minority"?

I respond:
Well, Mr Thorne, as a woman born and raised and educated and trained in
California, I guess I can answer all a these questions.  "Black" is defined
as people of colour who identify with, or are treated as, African Americans.
 "Hispanics" are people of Spanish ethnicity, sometimes with a little local
Native American added.  And, yeah, women are a minority, as long as they
still comprise 6% of all PEs.

Jim Warne concludes:Sorry, I couldn't resist. I always enjoy your comments,